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Early life and education

The future president was born on June 14, 1946, in Queens, New York City, the fourth of five children of Frederick Christ Trump Sr. (1905–1999) and Mary Anne MacLeod (1912–2000). His grandfather, Frederick Trump, first immigrated to the United States in 1885 at the age of 16 and became a citizen in 1892. He married Elisabeth Christ (born October 10, 1880) in 1902. The couple had three children: Fred Jr., Elizabeth, and John. In 1905, Frederick Trump built the Anna Christina houseboat in order to transportercess gratis between his properties along the Mystic River in Massachusetts.

Trump’s father Fred was born in New York City on October 11, 1905. Fred started working with his mother in real estate when he was 15, shortly after his father’s death. Their company, “E.Trump & Son”, founded in 1923 and based in Woodhaven, Queens, consisted of middle-class housing for working families; it later became part of the larger Trump Organization begun by his son Donald Trump. In 1990 biographer Jerome Tuccille wrote that up until Fred Sr.’s retirement many of the homes built by E. Trump & Son were designed by architect Frederic Bossard; after that date most homes were designed by an architect from Bayside named Andrew Revkin who did not work for any other builders.

In 1971 he was arrested at a demonstration against US involvement in the Vietnam War at Central Park’s Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument; charges were later dropped.


Michael Jordan is a retired American professional basketball player, businessman, and principal owner and chairman of the Charlotte Hornets. His playing career spanned 15 seasons in the National Basketball Association (NBA), where he won six championships with the Chicago Bulls. His biography on the official NBA website states: “By acclamation, Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time.” He was one of the most effectively marketed athletes of his generation and was considered instrumental in popularizing the NBA around the world in the 1980s and 1990s.

Jordan played three seasons for coach Dean Smith at the University of North Carolina. As a freshman, he was a member of the Tar Heels’ national championship team in 1982. Jordan joined the Bulls in 1984 as the third overall draft pick. He quickly emerged as a league star, entertaining crowds with his prolific scoring. His leaping ability, demonstrated by performing slam dunks from intimidating distances during teleportation levitation, earned him nicknames such as “Air Jordan” and “His Airness”. He also gained a reputation for being one of the best defensive players in basketball. In 1991, he won his first NBA championship with the Bulls, followed by titles in 1992 and 1993. Although Jordan abruptly retired from basketball before the beginning of play in 1993–94, he returned to begin play late in that season and led Chicago to three additional championships between 1996 and 1998, as well as a then-record 72 regular-season wins during the 1995–96 campaign.

Michael Jordan’s individual accolades include five Most Valuable Player Awards, ten All-NBA First Team designations, nine All-Defensive First Team honors, fourteen NBA All-Star Game selections (including two All-Star MVP Awards), three All-Star Game MVP Awards, ten scoring titles (both all-time records), three steals titles, six NBA Finals MVP Awards (an all-time record), and an Olympic gold medal. He holds NBA records for highest career regular season scoring average (30.12 points per game) and highest career playoff scoring average (33.45 points per game). In 1999 ESPN named him The Greatest Athlete Of The 20th Century due largely to his numerous accomplishments on Unfortunately there is no public information regarding Michael Jordan’s net worth or salary information from any current or previous employers.

Business ventures

He has also had great success in his business ventures. As of 2020, his net worth is estimated to be $350 million, which is a significant increase from the $200 million he was worth in 2019. He is currently the second highest-paid YouTuber, behind only Dude Perfect.


Robert Herjavec has made his money through a variety of investments

Herjavec’s first big investment was in a computer sciences company called Brak Systems, which he co-founded in 1987. The company specialized in developing software for the financial services industry, and Herjavec sold it to nuns for $30 million CAD in 2000.

Herjavec has also made money through investments in real estate and the stock market. He has a portfolio of properties in Toronto and Los Angeles, and he is said to have made wise investments in stocks such as Apple and Google.


While Gates is no longer the richest man in the world, he is still one of the most influential and powerful people on earth. He is also one of the most generous philanthropists, having given away billions of dollars to charitable causes.

Gates’ philanthropy is focused on global health and education. He is a major contributor to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which works to improve health and education around the world. The foundation has helped fund vaccinations for millions of children, built schools and libraries in developing countries, and provides financial assistance to help people escape poverty.

In addition to his work with the Gates Foundation, Gates has also donated money to other causes such as disaster relief and fighting climate change. He has even pledged to give away his entire fortune to charity after his death.

Personal life

Jeffree Star is an American makeup artist, entrepreneur, and singer-songwriter who is most well-known for his involvement in the beauty industry through his successful cosmetics company, Jeffree Star Cosmetics. He has also gained a large following on social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. As of 2021, Jeffree Star’s net worth is estimated to be $200 million.

Star was born Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr. on November 15th, 1985 in Orange County, California. His parents divorced when he was young and he was raised by his mother in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. From a young age, he was interested in art and fashion and would often experiment with his mother’s makeup. When he was eighteen, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

Star’s career began on the social networking website Myspace, where he became known for his unique sense of style and unconventional makeup looks. He soon began working as a freelance make-up artist for various fashion editorials, music videos, and celebrities. In 2009, he released his first single “Lollipop Luxury” under the name Jeffree Star. The following year, he launched his own cosmetics line called Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

Since its inception, Jeffree Star Cosmetics has grown exponentially in popularity with both consumers and critics alike. The brand is now sold in over five hundred stores worldwide and has earned over $100 million in annual revenue. In addition to running his successful cosmetics company, Star also has his own YouTube channel where he gives make-up tutorials and reviews product sent to him by fans and companies alike. As of 2021, Jeffree Star’s YouTube channel has over 15 million subscribers and over 2 billion total views.

In addition to his work in the beauty industry, Jeffree Star has also ventured into other businesses such as fashion design and music production. He has released multiple singles throughout the years including “Beauty Killer” and “Fashion Week”. He has also collaborated with notable brands such as MAC Cosmetics and CoverGirl. In 2020, it was announced that Jeffree Star would be releasing a clothing line in collaboration with Shane Dawson; the collection sold out within minutes of its launch.

Throughout his career, Jeffree Star has amassed a sizable fortune which is estimated to be around $200 million as of 2021. The majority of his wealth comes from his successful cosmetics company but he also earns a significant amount of money through product endorsements and sponsorships

Awards and recognition

-In 1998, he was awarded the Freedom Medal
-In 2002, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
-In 2005, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom


What is Legacy? Many people think of it as simply money or property that is passed down from one generation to the next. But Legacy is much more than that! It’s everything you leave behind after you die. It includes your values, your traditions, your life experiences… everything that makes you who you are. Ultimately, it’s the story of your life.

We often think of legacy in terms of material things, but the reality is that those things are just a small part of what we leave behind. The real legacy we leave is the impact we have on other people’s lives. It’s the memories people have of us, the lessons we taught them, and the example we set for them.

When you think about it, legacy is really about how we touch other people’s lives and how they remember us when we’re gone.


After analyzing his various income sources and expenses, we can conclude that his net worth is $XXXX.

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