What Is Alex Kompos Net Worth?

Similarly, How much is Alex Kompo dad worth?

A. Siesta Following in his father’s footsteps is crucial. He still has a lot of catching up to accomplish even if he is following in his father’s footsteps. The estimated value of Gary Kompothecras is $10 million. ASK-GARY is a legal/medical hotline that anybody may contact to ask questions, and it was developed by chiropractor Gary.

Also, it is asked, What is Madison net worth on Siesta Key?

Houseburg, Madisson Nobody should be surprised by Madisson’s claimed net worth of $600,000 since she is another very well-liked cast member of Siesta Key. It’s also crucial to remember that, despite being a reality TV star, Madisson has a degree in engineering.

Secondly, Is everyone on Siesta Key rich?

According to reports, each cast member gets $20,000 every episode, however actual earnings will depend on how long they have been featured. Garrett, for instance, earns between $200,000 and $400,000 since he is a founding member of the ensemble, and Juliette earns more money because she is a prominent leading lady on the program.

Also, What does Sam Siesta Key do?

Career of Sam Logan: TV personality and businessman Sam Logan is a reputedly wealthy businessman and entrepreneur. He solely thinks about his company before to approaching Siesta Key. Our investigation indicates that Sam has a 10% share in the E.W. Scripps Co., the family firm.

People also ask, How much is Madisson Hausburg family worth?

Net wealth of Madisson Hausburg The Things reports that the MTV star has an estimated wealth of $600,000, which she has accumulated as a result of her long-term employment on Siesta Key.

Related Questions and Answers

What does Sam Logans mom do?

Elizabeth, Sam’s mother, received a share of the Scripps Networks business from her father. The Travel Channel, Food Network, HGTV, and other well-known cable networks were all owned by Scripps Networks. The Logan family received a respectable profit from the sale of Scripps, which was sold to Discovery in 2018 for $14.6 billion.

What does Amanda from Siesta Keys parents do?

The mother of Amanda? She is the mother of Spencer, Spencer’s elder brother, and Amanda. After completing her nursing degree at the State College of Florida in the 1980s, Angi is presently employed with Sarasota Memorial Health Care System. Previously, the mother of two went to Wayne High School.

Is Siesta Key scripted?

Similar to most reality programs, Siesta Key blurs the lines between what is manufactured and what is really happening. Alex Kompothecras was one of the primary protagonists in the first three seasons of Siesta Key.

Are Sam and jordanna together?

Jordana Barnes clarifies that she is not dating Sam Logan, her co-star and friend from the film Siesta Key, despite fan conjecture sparked by their social media postings. Jordana Barnes and Sam Logan may cohabitate, but according to the Siesta Key celebrity, they are not romantically involved.

Are Kelsey and Max still together?

Fortunately, Kelsey and Max are still together, and the Siesta Key actress said on Instagram that she intends to remain in Florida for her own pleasure.

What does Sam’s dad do on Siesta Key?

Sam’s father, Samuel Logan Sr., is a successful businessman and an integral element of the Logan Construction Group, a family-run construction company. The business is headquartered in Windermere, Florida. Since the company’s founding approximately 30 years ago, Sam Sr. has played a significant role in it.

Who is Brittany Russell Siesta Key?

Sam Logan, a recurrent character in season three of Siesta Key, is the ex-girlfriend of Brittany Russell. They spent ten years together. She has two dogs named Marshy and Chickpea and is 26 years old. It’s possible that the post has been deleted or that the link to this image or video is broken.

How old is Juliette Porter?

24 years (J) Age of Juliette Porter

Why did canvas leave Siesta Key?

Canvas was the one to tell Madisson that Brandon had cheated on her with a random female after one of their gigs, even though they didn’t finish up hooking up. Ouch. However, Canvas was never again seen in Sarasota and is now on OnlyFans after a short fling with Madisson’s sister Paige Hausburg.

How old is Kenna from Siesta Key?

On New Year’s Eve 2020, Kenna turned 21, whilst Garrett is presently 25.

Who owns the mansion on Siesta Key beach?

The house that Donald and Karen Grierson own on Siesta Key is just stunning from top to bottom. That’s a lot of wows at 10,000 square feet. Glass and stone mosaic-covered columns shimmer.

Who owns MTV Siesta Key house?

Sam Logan’s House on Siesta Key Sam Logan, the first customer of the firm and the star of the MTV show “Siesta Key,” has offered his contemporary beachfront mansion with the business for sale for $6.8 million, or 112 bitcoin. Professional athletes, artists, and entertainers may be found all over Florida’s gulf coast.

What does Gary kompothecras own?

Along with the Crescent Club on the island, Kompothecras already owns the 20-room Captiva Beach Resort on Siesta Key, the Hibiscus Inn and Suites on Old Stickney Point Road. In addition, he executive produced Siesta Key on MTV.

Does Alex’s dad still produce Siesta Key?

On the program, the Siesta Key cast often had parties at Alex’s home. After all, Alex lives in a huge beachfront estate, and Gary Kompothecras, Alex’s father, is a wealthy chiropractor in addition to serving as the show’s executive producer (he keeps the position despite Alex’s termination).

What nationality is Camilla from Siesta Key?

Camilla has lived her whole life in a close-knit Italian family, and the reality star often travels with her loved ones to explore the Italian shore. When Camilla began dating Siesta Key star Brandon in 2018, she made her reality television debut.

Who is Sam from Siesta Key dating now?

Sam Logan, the actor of the television series Siesta Key and a former boyfriend of Juliette Porter, informs a fan on Instagram that he is seeing Jordana Barnes.

What does ish Soto producer?

Ish produced reality TV programs such Kitchen Nightmares, The Amazing Race, Naked and Afraid, and 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty between 2013 and 2017. Ish started producing Siesta Key in 2017, however she halted after the first season of the reality series.

What did Juliette do Siesta Key?

Her millionaire ex-boyfriend thought Juliette and Sam were reuniting when she sent him messages from Siesta Key. He rapidly eliminated all traces of previous women from his life, including throwing his mattress out his balcony and getting a new one for $200,000 in its stead.


Gary Kompothecras is a Canadian business magnate, investor and philanthropist who has a net worth of $2.5 billion. He is known for his investments in the advertising industry, including founding companies like Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing.

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