What Celebs Died In 2016?

Muhammad Ali, Prince, Edward Albee, Pat Summitt, Gene Wilder, Phyllis Schlafly, David Bowie, Elie Wiesel, Shimon Peres, Nancy Reagan, Arnold Palmer, Harper Lee, and others who passed away this year are remembered.

Similarly, Who died Christmas 2016?

Mike Kelly, 74, an American politician who served in the Alaska House of Representatives from 2005 until 2011. Australian journalist Phillip Knightley, 87. Greg Lake (King Crimson, Emerson, Lake & Palmer) died of cancer at the age of 69. Martin Puhvel, an 82-year-old Canadian philologist of Estonian descent.

Also, it is asked, Who passed away in January 2016?

January 2016 Natasha Aguilar, 45, a Costa Rican swimmer who won silver and bronze in the 1987 Pan American Games, died of stroke complications. An intestinal infection caused difficulties for George Alexandru, 58, a Romanian theatrical and cinema actor. Russian Avar poet and journalist Fazu Aliyeva, 83, died of heart failure.

Secondly, Who died in 2016 celebrities UK?

2016 has been dubbed “the year of the great celebrity death.” Others, like David Bowie, Muhammad Ali, and Victoria Wood, were there, many of whom had never seen such intense public scrutiny.

Also, Who died in 2015?

2015 Celebrity Deaths Douglas, Donna January 01 Rod Taylor, 07 January Suzanne Crough February 11Bob Simon B.B. King (April 27th) 7 June Christopher Lee Gifford, Frank Aug. 09 Jones, Dean 01 September Yogi Berra Sept. 22 Robert Loggia, 4 December Martin Brooks, 7 December Wayne Rogers, 31 December

People also ask, Who died in 2010?

2010 Celebrity Deaths Simmons, Jean 22nd of JanuaryPernell Roberts January 24 Haim, Corey Robert Culp (March 10) March 24 Forsythe, John April 1 Horne, Lena May 9 McClanahan Rue June 3 Senator Robert Byrd, 28th of June 8 August Patricia Neal Cannell, Stephen J 30 September October 16th, Barbara Billingsley 5 November Jill Clayburgh

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Who died on 10th January 2016?

30 well-known celebrities who died in 2016 David Bowie’s birthday is January 10th (1947-2016) Alan Rickman’s birthday is January 14th (1946-2016) Abe Vigoda (January 26) (1921-2016) Harper Lee’s birthday is February 19th (1926-2016) Nancy Reagan’s birthday is March 6th (1921-2016) George Martin’s birthday is March 8th (1926-2016) Garry Shandling (March 24) (1949-2016) Merle Haggard performs on April 6th (1937-2016)

Who died January 2017?

Multiple myeloma has struck Sir Tony Atkinson, a 72-year-old British economist. Patriarchal Vicar of Jerusalem (1965–1974), Hilarion Capucci, 94, Syrian Melkite Catholic hierarch. American biologist Jewel Plummer Cobb, 92. Bill Craig, 71, an Olympic champion swimmer in 1964, died of pneumonia complications.

Who died in 2009?

2009 Celebrity Deaths 4 January Pat Hingle Montalban, Ricardo Patrick McGoohan, 14 January January 13 Ron Silver, 15 March Richardson, Natasha Dom Deluise, March 18 May 4 June 25th, Farrah Fawcett Jackson, Michael June 25 Cronkite, Walter July 17 Kennedy, Edward “Ted” August 25 Swayze, Patrick 14 September 9 December Gene Barry

Who died in 2012?

This year’s notable deaths include Etta James, Don Cornelius, Whitney Houston, Anthony Shadid, Adrienne Rich, Dick Clark, Donna Summer, Nora Ephron, Andy Griffith, Gore Vidal, Dave Brubeck, and others.

How many people died in 2016?

Who died in April 2016?

April 2016 96-year-old Swedish sailor Karl-Robert Ameln (1948 and 1952 Olympics). Aleksander Arkuszyski, 98, is a WWII soldier and Polish brigadier general. Pratyusha Banerjee, a 24-year-old Indian actress, hanged herself. Alan Carter, 86, was the Director of Immigration in Hong Kong from 1983 until 1989.

Who died in 2017 UK?

The song is still her most well-known hit. 83-year-old Keith Barron Keith Barron, an 83-year-old actor, has died. PA: Press Association photo. Brent Briscoe is 56 years old. Brent died as a result of internal bleeding after a violent fall. Gord Downie is 53 years old. Darrieux, Danielle, 100. 94-year-old Roy Dotrice 62-year-old Kevin Cadle 91-year-old Hugh Hefner Liz Dawn, 77.

How many deaths were in 2017?

How old is Alan Rickman?

69 years (1946–2016) Alan Rickman’s age when he died

What famous person died in 2014?

2014 Celebrity Deaths Johnson, Russell 16 JanuaryDave Madden 16 January 12 February Sid Caesar Jim Lange, 25 February Brenner, David March 15 May 2nd, Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Kasem, Casey June 15 Eli Wallach, 24 June Lauren Bacall’s birthday is August 12th. Crewe, Bob 11 September 05 October Geoffrey Holder December 31st, Edward Herrmann

What celebrities have died so far in 2022?

Bob Saget, Meat Loaf, Naomi Judd, and Sidney Poitier are among the celebrities that have died. In 2022, filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich and singer Ronnie Spector died.

Who died in 2013?

2013 Celebrity DeathsPatti Page January 01 Wertimer, Ned January 08 Roger Ebert April 04Lou Meyers February 19 Thatcher, Margaret April 08 Joyce Brothers, M.D. April 19 Gandoifini, James June 19 July 13th, Cory Monteith August 8, 2008 Karen Black October 25th, Marcia Wallace November 26th, Jane Kean 16 December Joan Fontaine

Who died in 2008 Famous?

2008 Celebrity Deaths Pleshette, Suzanne January 19 January 22nd, Heath Ledger Heston, Charlton April 5 Tim Russert, 13 June Estelle Getty, 22 July Mac Bernie August 9

Who died in the year 2000?

Find out who the most notable celebrities from the year 2000 died. Hedy Lamarr, Pierre Trudeau, Walter Matthau, Alec Guinness, Terence McKenna, and many more are on this list.

Who Died 11th January 2016?

On January 11, the year began with the announcement of David Bowie’s death after an 18-month struggle with cancer. The vocalist of Space Oddity had just released his studio album Blackstar three days before, on his 69th birthday. Duncan Jones, his son, verified the news on Twitter.

Who died December 31 2015?

2015: Beth Howland, the American actress best remembered for portraying Vera on the comedy “Alice,” dies at the age of 74. Natalie Cole, the daughter of Nat King Cole and the vocalist of “This Will Be,” dies at the age of 65 in 2015. Edward Herrmann, an American actor best known for his appearances as Franklin D

What happened in history on January 10th?

Thomas Paine’s pamphlet Common Sense is published in 1776, during the American Revolution. During the Northwest Indian War, the Siege of Dunlap’s Station began near Cincinnati in 1791. 1812 — 82 days after leaving Pittsburgh, the first steamboat on the Ohio River or the Mississippi River arrives in New Orleans.

Who died November 2017?

2017 November Brad Bufanda, 34, an American actor best known for his roles in Veronica Mars, A Cinderella Story, and Co-Ed Confidential, committed himself by leaping. Ramón Cabrero, a 69-year-old Argentine football player and coach (Lans), has had a stroke. Argentine actor Pablo Cedrón, 59, (You Are the One, El Viento). Welsh church historian Eifion Evans, 86.

Who died in May 2017?

May 2017 Russian poet and playwright Anatoly Aleksin, 92. American property developer Richard Basciano, 91. Katy Bdtger, an 84-year-old Danish vocalist, died of natural causes. Raul Costa Seibeb, a 25-year-old Namibian racing cyclist who won the National Road Race Championship in 2014, was involved in a traffic accident.

Who died in March 2017?

American singer Joni Sledge, 60, (Sister Sledge). John Surtees, 83, British motorcycle racer and Formula One driver, world champion (1956, 1958, 1959, 1960), died of respiratory failure. Italian computational biologist Anna Tramontano, 59. Canadian novelist Richard Wagamese, 61, (Medicine Walk).

Who died in 2004?

2004 Celebrity Deaths Keeshan, Bob January 23 Winfield, Paul March 7 Tillman, Pat April 22 May 17th, Tony Randall Ronald Reagan, President June 5 3 October, Janet Leigh Dangerfield, Rodney October 5 10 October Christopher Reeve Orbach, Jerry 28th of December

Who was born in 2006?

People Who Were Born in 20061 Listed in: Film & Theater Personalities. Jacob Tremblay. 122 23. 129 84. 2 Barron Trump Listed under the category “Family Members.” 145 38 McKenna Grace. Personalities from the worlds of film and theater. 93 25 Mason Ramsey. Ferguson, Priah. 43 11. Angelina Jordan, number six. 62 10. Millie Davis Daneliya Tuleshova, no. 8


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